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Extended article filter by tags

Price: 15$
We want to introduce our module for search by Joomla tags.
It can filter articles according to selected tags and show results in category view or tag's elements view.
You can select several modes: regular, with depending drop-down lists and mixed.

Only for Joomla 3

Key features
Depending drop-down lists with several levels
No need to install additional extensions
Without page reload

Demo (checkboxes)

Demo (dropdown lists)

Checkboxes or dropdown liusts
Using jquery
Search mode "Or" or "And"
Easy settings and customize
Filter results in "featured" view
Supports infinity number of fields (groups of tags)
Adding searchable tags to title
You can set an id of container where filter shows results

Module settings
1. Install module
2. Create tags. If you want to use depending drop-down lists, you should create tags tree with several levels.
If you want to use regular mode - no need to create levels.
You can mix both modes.
3. In module settings click Select button in the bottom of page and select parent tags, which will be searchable field. 4. Select in which way filter will show values: checkboxes or drop-down lists.
5. If you want filter works without page reload (ajax), just check the same checkbox and put in field below id of container where filter will show results.
4. Create menu item - filter results. Create new menu item, select type Articles > Метки (tags). By default, filter uses its own template (tagged), whuch is identical to featured articles template (featured). So if you need you can customize filter results as you wish. In menu settings on Layout tab you can select filter mode (AND/OR) and also select in which categories articles should be filtered.
Also there you can choose add searchable tags to page title or not.
Template files are here: components/com_content/views/tagged

Price is 15$
You can pay with Credit card or PayPal or WebMoney R232814480503
Please note you e-mail and domain name in payment notes!